Best place to visit in Rome Italy Tips and Travel guide Information and things to do helps you to have a good travel in Rome.  We were in Rome and for sure tell you is one of the best cities to travel to ever! Why tell this? Because Rome is a vintage city and will make you fill like at the beginning of civilization, in the good sense. Rome is one of the most visited cities in Europe and Worldwide too. The reason is really simple: there are good museums, monuments and also food. Rome’s population nowadays is 2.3 million people and was built by the twins Romulus and Remus in 753 BCE. For sure, everything that is to visit in Rome is unique.

Colosseumvisit colosseum italy whaat to visit

First of all, if you want to visit monuments like Colosseum you surely need to make an online reservation. If you want to buy tickets from the place, you need to wait a lot, like 2-3 hours. So buy tickets online at the same price and have access to Colosseum immediately, Roman Forum, and Palatino. The visit to these three places needs a single ticket to buy. Also,  I recommend you to visit this at the beginning of your trip because there are a lot of beautiful and unexpected things to see there. So, be patient and keep your energy because it’s gone be a long walk. You need comfortable shoes and clothes to feel relaxed. If you think the Colosseum is impressive then wait to see the Roman Forum and Palatino. No words to describe the gorgeous buildings and gardens. It could take two days to visit the entire place, so it’s OK because the ticket is available that long.

Roman Forum Palatino rome italy what to visit best monuments

Forum Roman is amazon and you will see that with your eyes. A lot of historical monuments, buildings,s, and ruines.

Palatine Hill

palatine hill what to visit in italy rome

Maybe is the best part of the visit because after some steps of climbing will see the amazing view from all Roman Forum.


Vatican City

Vatican city the st peter square place to visit in rome italy

Vatican city is one of the biggest attractions in Rome, Italy. It is very popular because of Papa. This tiny city in the interior of Rome has just 44 hectares. St. Peter’s Basilica and St. Peter’s Square is just 2 of the most significant place to visit. Up to Basilica St. Peter, you can see Rome’s best view, which is amazing. We pay at Basilica St. Peter’s 10 euros to get to the top of it and see a beautiful view of Rome. If you want just to visit Basilic you don’t have to pay to enter and visit.

Another place to visit here is Vatican Museum where is painted the Sistine Chapel by Michelangelo. If you have under 25 and you’re European Citizen, you’ll have a big discount, and the price for a ticket is around 26 euros. We recommend you book online the tickets if you want to avoid a long time waiting. You can buy tickets from here: Tickets for Vatican Museum. If you don’t want to west your time waiting, instead of visiting new places follow our advice. Regarding the time spent visiting the Vatican Museum, remember that you need at least 3 hours to see everything in a relaxing mood. At the end of your journey,  you can have a pizza, calzone,  croissant, or sandwiches on the great terrace, with an amazing view of the Vatican garden.


pantheon rome italy what to visit

Location: Piazza della Rotondo, Rome

Another thing that is in the top of what to do in Rome. Why is this monument so special? The architecture in a Gothic style gives it a dramatic tone that leaves its mark in your mind forever. The imposing building is surrounded by thousands of people, relaxing and enjoying the moment. There is free entry, you don’t have to wait a lot, just get in, take a photo and rest to get ready for the next place to visit Fontana di Trevi. Pantheon is one of the single buildings that remain intact since 27 BCE. The name is come from Greek and is mean “devoted to all gods”. This is not used as the church before 608 after that emperor Phocas offer to pope Boniface IV to make religious services to him.


Fontana di Trevi

Fontana di Trevi rome what to visit in italy

Fontana di Trevi is another tourist attraction in Rome. It’s free to visit and it absolutely deserves to be seen by everyone who’s traveling over there. Did you know that every day is collected around 3000€ from it?! Also, if you forgot your camera at home, don’t get upset, there is always somebody to take a picture and to give you at the moment, of course for 3, 4 or 5 €. It depends on how good at negotiation you are. Fontana di Trevi is an extremely visited place, every hour 1400 different people are taking photos, eating ice cream, and admiring the greatest of the monument.

Vittorio Emanuele II Monument

Centro Storico & the Spanish Steps

Santa Maria Maggiore

Piazza Navona

Piazza del Popolo & Santa Maria del Popolo

Villa Borghese Gallery and Gardens

Castel Sant’Angelo National Museum

Baths of Caracalla

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